"Hell is the Least of your Worries"

Grab your saddle and hit the trail with this action-packed Weird-West RPG, tainted heavily by the works of HP Lovecraft!

Weird Frontiers allows you to assume the mantle of one of eleven playable classes, all kissed by the supernatural in a world gone mad.

In 1865 The Seven Days of Night shrouded the world in darkness, caused by a dastardly band of cultists set on waking up – and breaking out – a bad hombre named Cthulhu and his gang of tentacled banditos from dimensional lock-up. They succeeded in rousing the tentacled critters from their eons of slumber, but were stopped short of fully opening the gates between worlds by a posse as brave as they were crazy!

The cultists were beaten back like dogs with their tails between their legs, but they didn’t leave empty handed. The “gods” the cultists were trying to bust out were now awake and had just enough of a taste of our world to work up a mighty strong thirst for more. They’re whispering in the dead of night to weak-willed folks that’ll listen and the shadows are breedin’ tentacled things that ain’t meant to walk in the Age of Mankind.

Grab the reins as a hero destined to beat back the rising tide of evil using brains, brawn and some strange “gifts” that mark you as touched by greater powers.

Weird Frontiers places you and your players against the unforgiving backdrop of a Weird-West corrupted by the taint of an ancient evil seeking its way back to a land it ruled millennia ago. Each session of Weird Frontierswill have your players shaking the dust out of their boots and peeking under the bed before grabbing some shut eye!

Who in the Black Blazes are You?

Hi, I’m David Baity, owner of Stiff Whiskers Press, and along with the help from some talented gringos I’ll be delivering you into the hungry maw of evil, strapped with trusty six-guns of course! I’m also a full-time firefighter that decided to get his feet wet with writing back in 2015. You may have read my first adventure, Carnival of the Damned, which was published by Purple Sorcerer Games in 2016. The adventure was well-received enough to encourage me to continue developing my craft; giving birth to the many tentacled-ideas I now have floating in my bone box. When not pounding mercilessly at the keyboard, or tending to my miniature pot-bellied lion, I spend my time running a regular RPG session and trying out new board games. Weird Frontiers is a project that has been in the works for over 18 months now and just finished a round of heavy play-testing. My hopes are that you’ll find the rules fill any gaps for a Weird-West setting that uses the Dungeon Crawl Classics system.

What You’ll Get Once You Hit the Trail

  • Twelve playable classe; The Bedlamite, The Calavera, The Gambler, The Gunslinger, The Luchador, The Mountebank, The Mystic Monk, The Occultist, The Revelator, The Sin-Eater, Hellbilly and The Tommyknocker – with unique rules for each class.
  • 30 new spells to add to those found in the Wizard section of the DCC rulebook.
  • 30 new “miracles” to add to the spells found in the Cleric section of the DCC rulebook.
  • 30 new potions, including a new take on classic alchemical brewing. Also, the addition of the Mountebank class adds a shady con artist newly gifted with the ability to imbue mixtures to wondrous effect!
  • Attacks and moves unique to the wrestling-inspired Luchador character class.
  • If you have a hankering for inventions you’ll more than have your plate full with wondrous and mundane contraptions, devices created and powered by the Bedlamite class.
  • A setting appropriate alternative to the Birth Augur and zero level occupation tables.
  • New rules for firearms and combat that add a Western flavor to the RPG experience.
  • You want madness? You’ll get madness in the form of a new system to help keep up with your players as they lose their marbles to the armies of the night!
  • A twisted bestiary filled with Lovecraftian horrors along with some of your favorite creatures spawned from legends and lore of the Old West and Native American cultures.
  • Step into the Spirit World and see what it’s like to be a restless ghost trying to survive the many perils of being dead in a spectral landscape hideously warped by the evil elder gods.
  • Charts and tables that will help you define and populate your version of a Weird-West, complete with strange destinations and the folks that call them home.
  • A Judge section ripe with ideas and suggestions for both Novice and Veteran storytellers aimed at helping them develop and maintain a true Weird-West feel dipped in a fresh layer of terror.
  • At least one adventure to be included with the promise of many more in the corral!
  • Optional rules that allow you to drop and add to the game until you have a system that you feel is designed for your style of play. And tables. Lots of tables.


If you like a lot of at to spark your imagination Weird Frontiers won’t disappoint! If you’re familiar with the DCC rulebook, you’ll know that it’s worth the purchase price alone for the wonderful art found in its pages. Weird Frontiers is lavishly illustrated with art that evokes the perils and wonders you’d expect to find in a Lovecraftian Weird-West.


How can you support Weird Frontiers?

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